The Astell Project

The Astell Project is a UK-based campaign, social enterprise and international community of activist educators initiated in 2011.

Inspired by England’s first feminist, Mary Astell, who made the case for the advancement of women through education in the 1690s, and by grassroots feminist education activists around the globe, The Astell Project advocates that the statutory Equality Duty requires us to provide those of school-age with the opportunity, support and resources to analyze and to influence the impact of gender in determining their life paths.

To that end, it calls for a sex equality audit and aims to see that Feminist Studies are introduced into the National Curriculum. These aims are to be achieved by acting as a resource bank and lobbying government to meet existing legal commitments.

If you agree with these aims, sign and share the e-petition to let the Government Equality Office know. For ways to get more involved, visit the Act Now page.

To explore the thinking behind The Astell Project, read these articles in The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Open Democracy.