Some great organizations and individuals working to end sexism in, and through, schooling:

The Miss G Project

The Gender and Education Association

Illeana Jimenez – Feminist High School Teacher

The Fawcett Society

Womankind Worldwide

End Violence Against Women

UK Feminista

Some articles from around the web on the topic of, or relevant to, sexism in schooling:

Recognizing Sexism in the Classroom

Illeana Jimenez: Teaching Boys Feminism

Baby Gender Diary: Never Too Young To Learn

bell hooks: Understanding Patriarchy

Elizabeth J Meyer: Lessons on Gender & Sexuality at “Hollywood High” (US)

The New Misogyny: What It Means for Teachers in Classrooms (US)

Gender Bias in Education (Canada)

We Teach Racism, Sexism and Discrimination in Schools

Teachers Strike in Chicago for a Larger Vision of Public Education